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Employment Services

We are here to support you in finding the job you desire.  We have talented coaches to assist you with many different experiences.


Initially through Career Planning, we meet with you and your team to determine your interests and your past work experiences. 


Together we evaluate what to do next by utilizing: vocational assessments, job shadowing opportunities and benefits planning to ensure you are maximizing all resources available to you.


We can assist you with job placement or volunteer experiences by:


-Obtaining your past work history.

-Writing your resume.

-Submitting applications.

-Improving your interview skills.

-Job modifications.

-Transportation training and scheduling.

-Enhancing your performance skills.

-Being available to transition with you into gainful 




Once placed on the job we continue our support by:


-Fading our support as you gain confidence.

-Helping you to adjust as job requirements change; i.e., 

transportation, shift changes, new duties, position changes, etc.

-Supporting you in maintaining your accountability to your 


-Assisting you in maintaining accountability to work 

incentive programs.


We will continue to support you by reducing our job coach hours; providing you the support needed to ensure your continued success by being available to assist you with additional training, education and continued benefits analysis.